We guarantee all products sold by BrandaWatch. are conforming to the applicable to them Italian and European Union laws.

All our watches come with the original box, all the documents, tags, and global manufacturer warranty card/booklet.

All products are covered by 24 months warranty from the date of purchase.

The International warranty is provided by the authorized service centers of each brand. A list of "Assistance centers" per each Country is provided in the booklet and/or warranty you find with each product as well as on Official home page of each brand. (printed or digital)

In order to require work under warranty or reparations, the customer  has to send the watch and the warranty booklet to the nearest authorized international watch service center.

We recommend the customer to contact an authorized international watch service in order to know their procedure to avail of their service. 

In any case we are always available to help you to sort it out, but in no cases can BrandaWatch. offer extra warranties or other guarantees besides the ones given by the producer.

In our experience, most warranty work requires simple adjustments or battery replacement.

In these case, we recommend visiting a local professional jeweler or an authorized watch dealers who are properly trained to change watch batteries.

The battery replacement is on the Customer charge.


Watches are resistant to water under certain specific conditions. If you use your watch within the water resistance limits specified by the manufacturer, you should get many years of dependable service from it.

For usage, please refer to the booklet where you can find the allowed use.

Usually, every watch shows on the case-back the text regarding the water resistance: 30 meters/3 ATM, 50 meters / 5 ATM, 100 meters /10 ATM.

However, such statements should not lead to think that the watch can be submerged up to 30, 50 or 100 meters without being able to suffer any damage.

These depths (and the pressure) correspond to the limits of the watch kept under static test (laboratory test). When the watch is in movement, in all normal conditions of use, the pressure to which it is subjected can be significantly greater than that generated by the simple immersion. A simple shower, depending on the strength of the water jet, may subject the watch to a pressure higher than the one of a superficial immersion. In practical use, in fact, the pressure at which the watch can be subjected may be considerably higher, also due to other factors, such as the temperature of the water itself. Thus the indication of the number of atmospheres or meters is nothing more than an indication of precaution, according to which:

- A watch water resistant 30m / 3 ATM withstand splashes of rain, body sweat, humidity, splashing while washing hands;

- A watch 50m / 5 ATM: shower (the water temperature rises the pressure), bath, light swimming in pool

- A watch 100m/10 ATM: dives no more than 20-30 meters;

- A watch 200-300m/20-30 ATM: deep-sea diving (in this case, for example diving, we recommend the use of appropri)

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